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RebelWise is a collective of dope-conscious creatives working mainly through the medium of Hip-Hop, who share a love for the people and a passion for the empowering our communities.

The music of RebelWise consists of cutting-edge lyricism, skillfully crafted with modern, high-caliber, genre-pushing production, with potential for world-wide commercial impact.

Music videos with bold visuals and an emphasis on storytelling assist the music as a vehicle for audiences to connect.

RebelWise represents an idea that goes beyond the individuals that exemplify and model its values. We plant the flag for Warrior medicine music and stand with conviction as part of a world-wide shift taking place at a crucial crossroads for humanity.

Breaking down the name, Rebel speaks to the warrior energy to stand strong in our convictions, facing the status quo and choose to engage with the world based on our inner-vision for the world we want our grandchildren to live.

Wise speaks to living and engaging with life with a deeper awareness / knowing of our place in the universe and relationship to each other and all of Creation. A true MC (Master of Ceremony or Master Channel) = vessels for spirit, with respect, praise and honor to the one source with many names.

Millions of “woke” audience around the world are hungry for something fresh that resonates on a deeper level as an alternative to the old ideas of ego-glorification, fantasy and escapism conveyed in mainstream music.

Rebel Wise shares a new perspective on the often limited ideas of a “spiritual” person as Christian or the weak / soft “new-age” stereotype. It is not about one specific religion but more about being open-minded, having integrity, walking your talk and simple values such as being a good person, which is dope.

Throughout history, art and culture has played an important role in major shifts in power of the people and we live in a time of great opportunity for producing high-quality creative art (audio / video) and world-wide collaboration (through internet file-transfer).

Rebel Wise can make a significant impact on the world by opening the mind to possibilities and then point the way to tangible action steps as they emerge. We don’t just rebel and point the blame on a system that we know doesn’t work, but we look towards solutions, while bridging with other collectives and organizations that are a part of co-creating this new world / paradigm.

Therefore, Rebel Wise is not a fixed entity, but continuously unfolding through the inspired creativity of the artists and collaborators involved, while engaging with the collective consciousness of the moment and continuously pointing the way towards liberation.

Vision / Mission: About


Featuring Mama C, Quincy Davis & Mic Crenshaw.

yvette-de-wit-NYrVisodQ2M-unsplash copy.



  • DEBUT ALBUM released album October, 2020 with 6 corresponding music videos introducing the Rebel Wise narrative and establishing the first main characters.

  • EDUCATIONAL COMPONENT Voices of the Ancestors & Modern Mythology, in partnership with non-profit organization Keys, Beats & Bars, to serve Middle and high-school age youth in the Portland area and beyond

  • SOLO ARTIST releases Spring-Summer, 2021

  • REBEL WISE COLLECTIVE ALBUM #2 released Summer 2021

  • PODCAST release Spring 2021 featuring artists, wisdomkeepers and healers, establishing a bridge between the younger generation and elder teachings


  • DOCUMENTARY visual storytelling piece featuring 4 Hip-hop artists traveling back to their ancestral homeland to engage in cultural-exchange and reconnect with their indigenous lineage with its cultural wisdom. 4 regions (Africa, South/Central-America, Asia & Europe) will be represented.

  • COMPANION ALBUM featuring the 4 artists fusing modern Hip-hop with traditional music along with visuals from the journey. 


  • Upon establishment of the brand / channel with a significant following, we will offer designed to meet the needs of the collective consciousness of the moment & connect with emerging markets.

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