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REBELWISE is a collective of dope-conscious creatives working mainly through the medium of Hip-Hop, who share a love for the people and a passion for the empowering our communities. 

Our music delivers cutting-edge lyricism, skillfully crafted with modern, high-caliber production, to connect with audiences globally and make an impact. Our music videos bring the music full circle with an emphasis on storytelling and bold visuals.

The educational element of our work consists of documentaries and presentations (typically designed for High-School - college-age) that provide insight into our creative process as artists, as well as our inspiration and life-experiences that influenced our journey. This is part of our new education model that provides educational content, delivered in dynamic form, while providing positive role models and practical tools to address our current epidemic of mental health, within Western society. 




REBELWISE represents an idea that goes beyond the individuals that exemplify and model its values. We plant the flag for Warrior-Spiritual music, as conveyed through Hip-Hop form, and we stand with conviction as part of a world-wide shift taking place at a crucial crossroads for humanity.

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