Below are our four original learning modules, utilizing our original dynamic media, we introduce themes of exploration, typically designed for High School aged students (or more "mature" middle-schoolers), with adaptability to be held virtually or in-person.

This learning process can be facilitated by Rebelwise artists either in-person or virtually. Our approach is meant to engage students with question prompts for dialogue, talking circles and workshops of creative expression. 

In partnership with Seven Vision Studios, we have aligned our music videos with original documentary sequences, featuring Indigenous elders predominately from Turtle Island (North-America) and Africa, creating a bridge for the next generation to connect with much-needed wisdom.

We recommend the following order:

  1. MUSIC VIDEO: Create a spark of interest to introduce a particular theme through skillful lyricism, performance and visual storytelling. 

  2. DOCUMENTARY SHORT: Interview sequence from artists sharing more in-depth about their creative process and/or the meaning behind their lyrics.

  3. ELDER DOCUMENTARY SEQUENCE: Expanding on the theme providing an integrated view of the subject from wisdom teachings. 

  4. TALKING CIRCLE: Creating and setting the (Sacred) space with the talking circle, which represents a small-scale community, establishing a culture of respect & equality where everyone is free to share. Question prompts activating an exploration of one’s authentic thoughts, feelings and inner-truth.



Rebelwise artists are available to offer guest presentations for this dynamic learning experience and engage with your students. If you are interested in Rebelwise guest artists presenting at your school, feel free to CONTACT US!

This learning experience is adaptable to various structures and timeframes, as the learning modules may be facilitated by educators and Rebelwise artists can be brought in to engage with students at some point(s) throughout the process.