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Desirae Harp is a member of the Onacáṭis (Mishewal Wappo) tribal nation. She is a singer/songwriter, community organizer, and educator.  She co-facilitates an Onacáṭis language class. She works at the Sonoma Ecology Center to educate youth across Sonoma Valley about how the native plants, animals, and waterways are interconnected. She also gives Onacáṭis cultural demonstrations. She works with Chief Caleen Sisk and the Indian Cultural Organization to help coordinate the Run4salmon campaign and prayer journey to restore the California water ways, salmon runs, and indigenous ways of life. She helps to oppose the development of sacred sites and to advocate for indigenous peoples to be at the forefront of discussions on climate change. She has performed across the country using her music as a teaching tool to create workshops on cultural revitalization, social justice, and environmental justice. 

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