REBELWISE is a collective of dope-conscious creatives working mainly through the medium of Hip-Hop, who share a love for the people and a passion for the empowering our communities. 

Our music delivers cutting-edge lyricism, skillfully crafted with modern, high-caliber, genre-pushing production, with potential for world-wide commercial impact. Our music videos with bold visuals expand on the music, with an emphasis on storytelling, as a vehicle for audiences to connect on a deeper level. 

The educational element of our work consists of documentaries and presentations (typically designed for High-School - college-age) that provide insight into our creative process as artists, as well as our inspiration and life-experiences that influenced our journey. This is part of a new education model that provides educational content, delivered in dynamic form, while providing positive role models and practical tools to address our current epidemic of mental health, within Western society. 


REBELWISE represents an idea that goes beyond the individuals that exemplify and model its values. We plant the flag for Warrior-Spiritual music, as conveyed through Hip-Hop form, and we stand with conviction as part of a world-wide shift taking place at a crucial crossroads for humanity.

Live Crowd



Combining high-caliber production with street appeal and intentional lyricism, sending out a call to the global sub-culture of audiences hungry for music that resonates with purpose.


Weaving powerful collaborations from around the world, bridging cultures, to support more mutual understanding and collective healing, as one family of human beings.


Planting the flag for warrior-spiritual music, offering an emergent narrative to bring people together with visions of a better world, inspiring courage to face the changes coming towards us.



Creatively engage with the collective consciousness of the moment and produce an ongoing body of work with an emergent narrative that breaks the spell of hopelessness and inspires visions of a new paradigm.

Flip the script on urban music stereotypes, highlight empowered, authentic representation of women and healthy alternatives to drug culture, promoting spiritual discipline.

Provide a platform for voices from the world community, highlighting indigenous elders and cultural wisdom with aligned values as key guidance for the changes coming towards us.

Establish a brand / culture with integrity and build trust with thousands of world-wide followers, across multiple platforms, with the ability to mobilize a global following and point towards tangible action steps.

Collaborate with other collectives and organizations that are a part of co-creating the new paradigm, and shine light on projects that create solutions for sovereign, self-sufficient and sustainable community-building, away from extraction-economy towards environmental-stewardship.

Image by Joshua Hanson
Rap Music Performance
Image by Jessica Felicio